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Campaign Basics

Five Signs Your Political Campaign Is A Clown Show

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What To Do Before Running For Office – Part 4: Cost Analysis

Conducting a thorough cost analysis will give you an idea of how much money will be required to win your election. To determine this number, look at the last three election cycles on the FEC website or via Open Secrets. Look for any trends in the last three elections. Have the numbers gone up, down or remained flat? Be sure to determine the average money raised and money spent by each participant in all the races. What information can you deduce from these numbers? Next, match the money raised with the vote totals you reviewed earlier. You will begin to see the dynamics of the prior races come into focus. This narrative will inform the conditions you will likely face in your race.

What To Do Before Running For Office – Part 3: Race Analysis

The road to victory is paved with the bricks of data. The first of many data points you need to analyze and interpret are the voter registration, voter participation (also know as turnout percentage), and election results as compared to the Congressional District’s Cook PVI Score. For example, if you live in a district with a Cook PVI Score of D+3 (Democrat plus 3%) and the Democrat won the last election in that district by 9%, that means something caused voters to vote more heavily for the Democrat candidate than expected.

What To Do Before Running For Office – Part 1: Your Why

There is an old saying that champions are made in the gym and not in the ring. Well, elected officials are made during the Pre-Campaign (Pre-Phase) preparation and not on Election Day. I can tell you 9 out of 10 times who will win an election a year or more in advance by the steps they take prior to announcing their candidacy. The more thorough and detailed you are in this phase, the better off you will be in Phases I to IV.

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