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Our work in the international community is focused on the promotion of fair-trade, free-market capitalism, and the establishment of free democratic societies.  Dark Horse Political is prepared to work against socialist and communist dictatorships around the world.


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Latin America

For over two centuries the people of Latin America have endured countless military coups, poverty, corruption, and war between violent dictators, narcotics producers, gang wars, and terrible living conditions.  However, many countries have overcome these challenges through the establishment of stable and free societies. With their embrace of fair-trade, free-market economies, and democratic governance these nations continue to thrive and serve as an example of what is possible in the still-troubled areas of Latin America.  Dark Horse Political works with these nations to improve through diplomatic means economic and political conditions in Latin America’s most troubled areas.

El propósito del comunismo es hacerte esclavo a la fuerza, el del socialismo es el mismo, a través del voto.

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