What To Do Before Running For Office – Part 5: Making Your Decision

At this point you should be clear about why you want to run for public office, what your personal strengths and weaknesses are, what opportunities and threats your campaign will likely come across, have a clear picture of what happened to bring about the results of the last race and a clear idea about the average amount of money required to be competitive.

Now, the two questions you need to answer are:

  1. Is there a pathway to victory?
  2. 2.Are you willing to make the journey?

At this point you can determine whether you should run for office and proceed to the next step.  Take a few days to digest all this information.  Discuss the details with close friends and family, but do NOT under any circumstances make your intentions regarding the possibility of running for office public knowledge.  You will not disclose this intention for at least six more months.  Doing so may trigger FEC requirements inadvertently.  In addition to taking away your element of surprise, there is still a lot of ground to cover before you make your candidacy or intention of a candidacy known.

Take five (5) days to decide.  Once you make your decision, the decision needs to be certain.  Certainty will be the driving force as you complete the rest of the Pre-campaign process.