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President Barack Obama

Federal and State-level Candidates

Dark Horse Political works in a campaign capacity specifically with Federal (Congressional and Senatorial) and State-level candidates. Climbing the mountain to victory isn’t a straight pathway.  It requires proper planning, proper resources, efficient management, and aggressive execution.  Our firm has two relationship options with our clients:  Advisory-only and Full Management.

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Determining the proper pathway to victory on election day is the most fundamental element of successful campaign operations.  We can help you determine that pathway.

Christopher Gergen, President
State and Local Parties

All politics is local.  Unfortunately, individuals have a very difficult time being heard among the noise of political discourse.  State and local parties allow individuals to amplify their voices and collective efforts to affect change in the public arena.  Dark Horse Political delivers the data and resources state and local parties require to make their voices heard in the ears of those they need to listen.

Independent Expenditure-only Committees

While Political Action Committees are typically (though not always) issue-focused, Independent Expenditure-only Committees allow individuals to support or oppose specific candidates in Federal races.  Dark Horse Political aids individuals who desire to create their own Independent Expenditure-only Committee with the knowledge and resources to start, organize, and operate one of these committees.

The future success of the United States depends entirely on the electorate supporting America First candidates at all levels of government.  We can help your group to organize, legitimize, and mobilize a Super PAC for the purpose of imposing the conservative agenda.

Christopher Gergen, President

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Additional Expertise

State & Local Party Management

Build Your Party

Building a solid organizational foundation able to withstand the pressures of political rigor is paramount to the long-term success of your state or local party. Your success has more to do with internal factors than existential factors. We can help you prosper where you're planted.

Establish Your Party

Once your party has built a sufficiently strong foundation, the next phase is to establish your party's continued influence within your community. This phase of growth is also called "normalizing." Many movements have come and gone; our firm can help you establish your party as a factor in every race every cycle.

Impose Your Party

Elections have consequences. The purpose of state and local parties is to win elections and support the conservative agenda in their respective districts. Once your presence has been normalized, our firm can help your party shift gears and impose their agenda against parasitic progressivism.

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