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Narrative and issues aren’t enough. You need a strategic and tactical plan to win your campaign.  Our professional team boasts almost a century of collective political and professional experience.

About The Firm

Dark Horse Political strives to deliver world-class consulting to well-qualified conservative candidates and organizations.  Defense may win championships in sports, but aggressive strategy and execution win in the political space.

Christopher P. Gergen


Dark Horse Political delivers expertise the different disciplines imperative to influencing voters.  Whether a candidate or a political organization, DHP delivers the prowess make you successful and the tools to win the day.  Let our experience be your guide.


Evaluation & Strategy

Properly structure your campaign for success from day one.


Planning & Execution

Know what to do, when to do it, and where is key to your campaign’s success.


Branding & Brand Management

Perception is reality.  Having brand power is important to building credibility with voters.


Web & Social Media Design

Cutting edge technology and top-tier web design are paramount to a successful web presence.


Voter Contact & Development

Belly button to belly button is how elections are won–even in the 21st century.


Budgeting & FEC Compliance

You never want to find yourself on the wrong end of a conversation with the FEC–ever.

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Why Us?

Choosing a consultant that represents you well and delivers sound counsel can be difficult.  There are a lot a “weekend warriors” in the political space.  You should choose a consultant who has been around difficult races, found ways to win those races, is associated with a professional political association such as the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), and requires clear agreements and clear deliverables.


Dark Horse Political puts everything in writing up front with no surprises or hidden fees.  Requirements, deliverables, expectations, and compensation are clearly stated.  Everything is black and white.  Additionally, we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to each of our clients for use in their campaigns.

There are many ways to win an election or expand your political organization’s influence in a community.  The important ingredient is to make sure the method matches the market.  For instance, if you are trying to reach 65 and over voters you probably won’t focus on digital media (though you may do some) over direct mail.  In politics, you sell them what they’re buying (talk about issues important to them), how they want to buy it (delivery method) where they want it delivered (mailbox, inbox, social media, etc.).


Next, make sure you have a strategy, campaign calendar, budget, and massive action plan (MAP), BEFORE you begin your campaign.  If you’ve already started your campaign, make your adjustments to incorporate these factors immediately.

Dark Horse Political executes strategic planning throughout the entire campaign process plus provides availability after you win your election.

Every campaign has five general voter groups.  You will not win them all, nor should you try.  This is the biggest mistake new candidates make–trying to reach everyone.  The first step is to determining who should be targeted is to determine your voter universe through data analysis.  Who are your high turnout voters?  Where do they live?  What issues are they concerned with?


Dark Horse Political understands how to find, analyze, and interpret the data from previous elections.  Without this analysis and the interpretation it is impossible to navigate your current election.  Knowing where to focus and where to compete brings immediate efficiency to your efforts and budget.

Dark Horse Political works within very specific niches in the conservative political space.  Our typical client is well qualified to run for the position they seek–rational and story matter.  Additionally, our ideal client has close connections with several centers of influence who support their candidacy and are available to help with the fundraising effort.


Our firm has limited our candidate client base to those running for state-level (and statewide), gubernatorial, and federal (House, Senate, and Presidential) races.


Organizationally, our firm works with national, state and county parties regarding party management, candidate training, digital and literature design, and fundraising.  Dark Horse Political also works with corporate and political PACs and Independent Expenditure-only Committees (SuperPACs) in the management, digital and literature design, and fundraising spaces.

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What the pros say about us

Chris is simply one of the best political consultants working for conservatives today. I witnessed him daily in action on the front lines producing results no one thought possible. If you don’t mind losing, call someone else. If you want to win, call Dark Horse Political.
Jacob Daniels, Esq.
Former Oregon State Campaign Director, Donald J. Trump for President

Do you have a tough race ahead?

Dark Horse Political works with well qualified candidates running in winnable districts.  Give us a call and let us give you an analysis of your race.  If it makes sense, we can talk further about your plans.
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