Our Expertise:


Evaluation & Strategy

Campaign structure acts like the bones upon which the entire election effort is built.  Ideally, you will go through the process of evaluating your race, evaluating the rational for your candidacy, evaluating your ability to raise or self-fund sufficient monies, and determine your pathway to victory BEFORE entering the race.


Planning & Execution

Dark Horse Political excels at campaign planning and execution.  Our team of advisors understands the proper use of cutting edge technology and old-fashioned shoe-leather campaigning.  Getting the right mix is important to producing an effective and financially efficient plan.  Our team will determine where you need to focus your efforts and who you need to speak with to win your race.


Branding & Brand Management

Perception is reality.  Whether that perception is accurate makes no difference if voters come away from an interaction with your campaign–on the internet, via social media, receiving mail, email, or other collateral piece–with a negative perception.  Our team includes award-winning graphic artists and web designers who will craft your brand perfectly.


Web & Social Media Design

Web and social media design go hand-in-hand with branding; however, they are not the same.  Your technology and ability to capture data, target, re-target, and engage with your voter universe is imperative to your ability to be successful.  To be clear:  Web design and social media alone will not win your election; however, poorly designed and executed web and social media planning and execution will lose your campaign.


Voter Contact & Development

Politics is sales.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Voters are potential customers you need to buy-in to your brand, your message, your values, and your campaign.  Voters must know you, like you, and trust you.  The only way to develop this relationship is through voter contact and coalition development.  As your campaign moves into the field operations phase, your tactical plan will determine how effectively you can reach the voters you need for victory.


Budgeting & FEC Compliance

Your campaign organization is a business.  The only difference is revenue comes from voter contributions rather than sales.  Dark Horse Political will help you determine a pro forma budget at the onset of your campaign and slowly harden that budget as actually fundraising data comes in.  Knowing how much you can spend on GOTV efforts, media, staff, consultants, etc. is as important as every other part of your campaign.  Additionally, staying compliant with the FEC is non-negotiable.  We help you do that.


Narrative & Issue Determination

Dark Horse Political will help you to determine the proper narrative arc, issue focus, and messaging plan to make sure you are talking about the issues important to voters.  How you roll out your narrative is important.  It determines what is said and when.  This is especially important to your fundraising and field operations.  Micro-targeting your narrative drives voter engagement and widespread support.  Candidates who talk about everything end up talking about nothing.  We help you avoid this common trap.


Data & Data Management

Campaigns without data and data management systems are not campaigns–they are exercises in futility.  Without an accurate voter data file it is impossible to know who to talk to and who to ignore.  There is no way to run an effective field operation and no way to micro-target your messaging through digital and traditional media.  Additionally, a lack of data makes fundraising infinitely more difficult. Our exclusive contract with Aristotle International to provide clients with the most up to date and accurate information is essential to their success.  We bring this powerful tool to bear in your campaign.


Graphic Art & Literature Design

Graphic Art and literature design goes hand-in-hand with branding and creating a positive brand perception.  This is why large campaigns spend so much money on getting these details correct. Your graphic art and literature design will communicate (non-verbally) competence and legitimacy.  Voters–like consumers–look for visual cues as to whether they want to invest time into learning more information about a candidate or product.  Our award winning design team will build a package for your campaign that brings a sense of immediate legitimacy.

Additional Expertise:

State & Local Party Management

All politics is local. Unfortunately, individuals have a very difficult time being heard among the noise of political discourse. State and local parties allow individuals to amplify their voices and collective efforts to affect change in the public arena. Dark Horse Political delivers the data and resources state and local parties require to make their voices heard in the ears of those they need to listen.

Build Your Party

Building a solid organizational foundation able to withstand the pressures of political rigor is paramount to the long-term success of your state or local party. Your success has more to do with internal factors than existential factors. We can help you prosper where you’re planted.

Establish Your Party

Once your party has built a sufficiently strong foundation, the next phase is to establish your party’s continued influence within your community. This phase of growth is also called “normalizing.” Many movements have come and gone; our firm can help you establish your party as a factor in every race every cycle.

Impose Your Party

Elections have consequences. The purpose of state and local parties is to win elections and support the conservative agenda in their respective districts. Once your presence has been normalized, our firm can help your party shift gears and impose their agenda against parasitic progressivism.

Political Action Committees (PACs) & Independent Expenditure-Only Committees (SuperPACs)

Political Action Committees play an important roll in issue advocacy and the electoral system.  They allow a broad cross-section of society who may differ in political preference to have their voices heard regarding local and national issues.  Dark Horse Political aids those who desire to create a Political Action Committee with the knowledge and resources to start, organize, and operate one of these committees.  Additionally, our sister company, Parabellum Strategic, works with these organizations to provide fundraising solutions to meet their unique needs.


While Political Action Committees are typically (though not always) issue-focused, Independent Expenditure-only Committees allow individuals to support or oppose specific candidates in Federal races. Dark Horse Political aids those who desire to create an Independent Expenditure-only Committee with the knowledge and resources to start, organize, and operate one of these committees.  Additionally, our sister company, Parabellum Strategic, works with these organizations to provide fundraising solutions to meet their unique needs.


Political consultants are a dime a dozen; however, Chris is a true professional who knows what it takes to win tough elections and negotiate difficult political environments. If you’re running for public office, I recommend you retain him immediately.
Michele Merrell
Florida Republican State Committeewoman
Christopher is an effective trainer and communicator. Our candidates always received useful and timely information they could take action on immediately. He is a rock solid conservative who genuinely works to see strong candidates get elected. He has my highest recommendation.
Nancy Cooke
Secretary, Broward Republican Executive Committee

The more we value things outside of our control, the less control we have.

– Emperor Marcus Aurelius

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